Common Myth Businesses believe

Common Business Myth ? Have you heard this recently after another cyber attack on another major organization ?‘They won’t be bothered about us’‘We’re too small for them’ Sorry to disappoint Dave. YOUR WRONG! ? You will be another business which will become collateral damage. When you are ready to make your business secure then contact […]

Email Security

Email Security is critical to keeping your business secure.It is imperative that you have this key component as part of your security suite.Message us or call 0114 4910915 so you don’t become another victim to ransomware. #ransomware #emailsecurity #technology #security #business #SMB #SME #badactors #filtering #yorkshire

Simple Tips

Simple Business IT Security tips that are easy to do.If you want Fortress Technologies to make your business Secure, Resilient and Reliable message us or call 0114 4910915 today.Ransomware waits for nobody. Don’t be the next business to be affected. #Security #Business #Technology #Ransomware #AV #Yorkshire #EmailSecurity #Office365

A recent Review

Just thought I would share the review done by James Roberts of Sanctuary Bathrooms. We appreciate all of our clients and it means alot when they take time out of their day to put up a review on our behalf.I have worked with James for quite a few years now and we have built up […]

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are rife and the Coronavirus is just another way for them to try and get your credentials or deploy Ransomware.Stay vigilant and remember nobody will email you the cure. Contact me if you want to secure your emails against threats. #coronavirus #emailsecurity #security #technology #office365 #phishing #phishingattacks #phishingemail #ransomwareprotection #itsecurity

Using Personal Email Addresses?

Businesses still using @gmail@hotmail etc need to STOP. There is no reason to use personal email accounts in this day and age for businesses.I hate looking at vans that have been sign written but have a personal email address. If your tired of this and want to sort your email address then either reply to this post […]