How much investment do I need to make for my business?

Offering amazing value to your business

We have standardized our pricing with a fixed cost based on number of Users. 
We expect a user to have an Endpoint (either a laptop or a PC)
We will also assist with the business mobiles as well if required for business purposes. 
If you have both a laptop and a desktop then we have a set cost for additional devices. 

The bits we need to know before giving you the total investment figure.  

Site Details – 

  • Site(s) 
  • Networking Infrastructure (Firewalls/Routers/Switches/AP’s/etc) 
  • Are you in a fully managed/serviced office i.e Network/Internet is provided.

Server Details – 

  • Number of Servers 
  • Total Data Size for Backup & Disaster Recovery.

If you have all the info to hand then we can get you a price very quickly.
If you are unsure we can offer an estimate subject to an audit.